Events & Communications:

U LA LA Events is a full service event design and production agency with the ability to create and execute unique experiences. U LA LA provides strategic solutions for your marketing and sales campaign. Founded in 2008 by James Stewart, it has slowly grown by working closely with a sprinkling of prestigious brands ranging from Sport brand Reebok to various brands from the LVMH group of companies.
In many cases U LA LA events has focused on working closing with the brand marketing teams to create projects that fit with the overall marketing objectives of the company.
Our focus is to provide our clients with all the services they need, quickly and efficiently. From creative aspects of the event to production.
The company has a team with a combined experience of over 15 years in organizing events. We specialise in branding, event design, destination management, and all aspects of experiential events be it above the line or below the line.
Our main emphasis is to achieve the results required, while at the same time, adding something special to your event.